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Peace&Blessings, my name is Elizabeth, but I go by Eli (E-lie). 18, au natural, rebel with a cause, California made but NYC livin, peace believer, pescetarian, simply beautiful, fashion junkie still, writing is the only thing that feeds my soul. Logic has never been able to convince my heart, but I kinda like it that way. I'm an artist (and I'm sensitive about my shit), activist, feminist, and firm believer in the romantic movement. I'm an impulse buyer, ice cream fanatic, thrift shopper, cheese lover, carrot cake feign. Agh, and I love mild cheddar cheese cubes with granny smith apples and peanut butter! :) delicious much?? I really shouldn't be writing this right now, I have loads upon loads of homework. I'm a procrastinator and I'm kinda cool with that, all the best people are. This is me, and just me, e-elle-eye. Enjoy :)

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Howard University’s medical students, taking part in the “Am I Suspicious?” campaign.


Alfred Eisenstaedt’s photos of Howard University, 1946, for LIFE magazine.

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Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. Rumi. Poet, theologian (via ohfairies)

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#BlackHistoryMonth 2014

CultureSOUL: The Dapper Rebels - Watts, Los Angeles, CA 1966

From LIFE Magazine series, photos by Bill Ray. 

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Get out of your way.


CultureDANCE: Black Ballerinas - *The African Americans*

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white people are very brave when it comes to terrorizing black children who do not have the power to fight back. and are very surprise when someone comes to their defense.

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Do the Right Thing (1989) - dir. Spike Lee

Do the Right Thing is a beautifully crafted film about racism, pacifism, activism, and pride. It’s an unforgettable affair with one-of-a-kind characters, terrific performances, and honesty. Spike Lee is Spike Lee because of this film. Hell, every time I see this one it gets better and better. From the opening credits during Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” right on to the conflicting postgraphs from Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

If documentarians were as capable of showing both sides of humanity as Lee does here, no one would watch anything else. The script is flawless. Lee’s direction is flawless. Danny Aiello, Giancarlo Esposito, John Turturro and Ossie Davis are flawless. Do the Right Thing is not only a great example of filmmaking, but its also a great example of the relevancy of art, in any medium whatsoever.


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I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

Well I hope you fucking win because this is a win!

i want this framed and on my wall.

Same! This is beautiful!